What is the CPC Test Anti-Social Behaviour Policy?

In the interest of maintaining a quiet and professional testing environment for all candidates, we ask that all CPC Candidates behave in a respectful and appropriate manner when attending the test centre. Abusive and anti –social behaviour will not be tolerated at the test centre. Should a CPC Candidate behave in an unsatisfactory manner, it is possible that a candidate may not be permitted to test and may be asked to leave the test centre. The Gardai will be contacted if necessary. If an incident of abusive and/or anti –social behaviour occurs, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis. On foot of the review, a candidate may be asked to attend a different test centre should they wish to sit a test in the future. It is also possible that a non-testing period will be applied to the candidate. During this period, the candidate is not permitted to book or sit a CPC Test for a set period of time. The candidate will be informed in writing of the outcome of the review. Finally, we also wish to remind you that the test centre is video and audio monitored at all times.
A maximum non-testing period of 3 months may be applied to candidates demonstrating anti-social behaviour.

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