Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

The Driver CPC certification process was introduced by the Road Safety Authority under EU directive 2003/59/EC.

5 Steps to Booking your Test

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About Driver CPC

Please note from 30th September 2014 the Category C & D Driver Theory Tests will replace Step 1 of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence qualification process, formerly called the Driver CPC Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Test.

In order to professionally drive a Bus and/or a Truck you will need* to have a passed a Category D Bus and/or Category C Truck Driver Theory Test and the Driver CPC Case Study Test detailed below, before you can apply to the RSA for your Driver CPC Practical Test.

New exams have also been introduced for drivers who have completed a Full Driver Theory Test in either Category C or D on or after September 30th, 2014, and who wish to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence in both Categories. The Bus Module Test (BMT) or Truck Module Test (TMT) will supplement the full Category C or D Theory Test already obtained by the driver. For further information please go to the CPC Test Categories Page.

*If you hold a full Driver Licence issued before 10th September 2008 for Category D (Bus) and before 10th September 2009 for Category C (Truck) you have ‘Acquired Rights’ and are automatically entitled to a Driver CPC certification. See RSA CPC Unit for more details.

Driver CPC Theory Test – Step 1

The Driver CPC – Step 1 is covered by the Category D Bus and/or Category C Truck Driver Theory Test. For further information and instructions on how to book these tests, please visit our Driver Theory Test section.

Driver CPC Case Study – Step 2

The Driver CPC – Step 2 is the final stage before your Category D Bus and/or Category C Truck Practical Test. Step 2 of the Driver CPC consists of 3 Case Studies relating to the vehicle category in which you wish to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.


Reschedule or Cancel your Driver CPC Test

Should you wish to reschedule or cancel your Driver CPC Test booking please note you must do so no later than 5 business days (to include 3 complete business days) prior to your test date.

Alternatively, please call our Candidate Services Team on 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate) who are available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM (excluding public holidays).

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