Identification & Eligibility Requirements

Theory Test Ireland PSC Requirements

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Test Category A&B

Candidates must bring their Public Services Card (PSC) with them as identification on the day of your test.

ATTENTION ALL CANDIDATES: Please note the following requirements:

  • Please ensure you follow the instructions clearly when entering your details during the booking process.
  • Spelling of the name on the Public services card with which you book your test must match the spelling of your name on the Public Services Card exactly that you will present at the test centre.
  • Public Services Card number must match the number used when booking your appointment.
  • All candidates must present their Public Services Card as the only acceptable form of identification
  • You must ensure you use your full name as displayed on your Public Services Card when making your booking.

If any of the above are not adhered to, you may not be allowed to test.

Test Category C & D

In addition to the Public Services Card requirement detailed above Test Category C & D Candidates must also bring with them:

  • A current Category C or D Irish Learner Permit
  • A full current Category C or D Irish Driving Licence, (or one from an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland)
  • A full current Category B Irish Driving Licence (or one from an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland)