Approved Driving Instructor FAQ’s


ADI Booking your Test

How many ADI Theory Tests are there?

There is a test for licence category A, B, C, D and CE.

If I don’t know my eligibilty number can I still book a test?

No- an eligibility number is required in order to make a test booking. If this cannot be located you should contact the RSA to request an eligibility number.

How do I apply to take my test?

You may book your Driver Theory Test online or by telephone:

  • Click here to book online via our secure booking service available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  • Call 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate) or text 1890 616 216 to speak to our Candidate Service Team who are available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM (excluding public holidays

Do I have to pay for the test?

Payment is made to the RSA for the complete ADI registration process, you are not required to make any payment when you are booking the ADI Theory Test- all that is required is an eligibility number issued by the RSA.

How many Test Centres are there?

There are over 40 Driver Theory Test locations throughout the Republic of Ireland. You can choose a Test Centre that is most convenient to you. Please note that available appointment times may vary between Test Centres.

View Test Centres. You will be able to select your test centre and view its current appointment times at the online booking service.

ADI Changing your Test

Will I need to pay again?

You must contact the RSA to authorise payment.

Can I reschedule my test appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your booking providing the request is made no later than 5 business days prior to your test date.

What happens if I miss my test appointment?

If you fail to arrive at the Test Centre in time for your test appointment, or cancel your test in less than 5 business days prior to your test date, you will lose your test fee. You will need to then contact the RSA to reset your eligibility.

ADI Taking Your Test

Is there a practice session so I can become familiar with the exam and computer system?

Yes- there is a short practice section which takes you through the navigation of the exam on screen.

How many questions are in the test?

The test consists of 2 sections, a core section which is taken by all candidates, and a category section (or sections) which relates to the driving category(s) in which you wish to instruct. The sections of the exam which are delivered reflect those in which you have applied and have been approved to take by the RSA. You will need to contact the RSA to confirm the test categories, or refer to the letter issued to you by the RSA.

How long will the test take?

This will depend on the number of licence categories being taken. Core section plus one license category will take approximately 1hour and 40minutes. Please allow approximately 20 minutes for each subsequent category.

What happens when I get to the centre?

The test centre staff will check your documentation (confirmation letter), and confirm your identity (valid/current drivers licence, Identification)). You will be signed in and shown to a work station to complete the test.


I am not very computer literate, will this be an issue?

The ADI Driver Theory Test is presented in a very easy-to-use format and usually poses no problems for candidates with limited experience using computers. A simple tutorial is presented at the beginning of the test which will explain how the test works. The test can be taken with an easy-to-use touch screen or by using a mouse and keyboard.

If I get stuck, can I miss questions out and go back to them?

Yes, you can skip or mark questions and then come back to them at any stage within your test time.

If I make a mistake, can I change my mind and select another answer?

Yes, there is a simple way to cancel your answer and select another.

If I finish the test early can I leave?

Yes, you can exit your test at any time you see fit.

ADI Test Results

If I fail will I be told where I went wrong?

Yes- you will be supplied with a breakdown of your exam by section and category.

What if I fail? How soon can I take the test again?

You will have to wait at least three days before you reapply.

If I pass the first part of the exam but fail the second part, do I have to re-sit the whole exam?

Yes- you must pass both sections of the exam in one sitting to be awarded a pass.

I have already passed a test with a category, do I need to take the first section again if want to be qualified for another category?

No- once you have passed the core section with a category, you will not be required to sit the core section again.

Is there a limit on how many times I can take the test?

The number of attempts permitted for this test is not restricted except all three stages of the ADI examination process must be completed within two years of the application date.

If I pass what do I do then?

Having successfully completed the theory test you will move to stage two of the ADI qualification process.

ADI General Information

What Material do I need to study in order to pass the test?

This information can be found in the ADI Information Booklet, page 11, available from the RSA. For more information contact the RSA ADI Unit on 096 25007, or email

Who provides the ADI Theory Test?

The ADI Theory Test is provided by Prometric Ireland Limited, on behalf of the Road Safety Authority.

What happens if I am caught cheating?

Any attempt by a candidate to cheat in the ADI Test is taken seriously. Prometric are employed by the Road Safety Authority to deliver the ADI Test in a secure environment, to protect the integrity of the test and to provide a fair and equal opportunity to all candidates who sit the test. Any attempts to cheat that contravene this secure and fair environment are reported immediately to the Road Safety Authority for whom we deliver the ADI Test. If an incident of cheating occurs, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis. On foot of the review, a non-testing period may be applied to the candidate. During this period, the candidate is not permitted to book or sit an ADI test for a set period of time. The candidate will be informed in writing if a non-testing period is to be applied and the duration of this period. Finally we also wish to remind you that the test centre is video and audio monitored at all times.

A maximum non-testing period of 3 months is applied to candidates caught cheating.

What is the ADI Test Anti-Social Behaviour Policy?

In the interest of maintaining a quiet and professional testing environment for all candidates, we ask that all ADI candidates behave in a respectful and appropriate manner when attending the test centre. Abusive and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in the test centre. Should an ADI candidate behave in an unsatisfactory manner, it is possible that a candidate may not be permitted to test and may be asked to leave the test centre. The Gardaí will be contacted if necessary. If an incident of abusive and/or anti-social behaviour occurs, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis. On foot of the review, a candidate may be asked to attend a different test centre should they wish to sit a test in the future. It is also possible that a non-testing period will be applied to the candidate. During this period, the candidate is not permitted to book or sit an ADI test for a set period of time. The candidate will be informed in writing of the outcome of the review. Finally, we also wish to remind you that the test centre is video and audio monitored at all times.

A maximum non-testing period of 3 months may be applied to candidates demonstrating anti-social behaviour.