ADI Identification Requirements

Sample Public Services ID Card

ATTENTION! All candidates: Please ensure that the spelling of the name and the number  on the public sevices card with which you book your test matches exactly the spelling of your name and number on the Public Services Card that you will present at the test centre.

This is very important as you may not be allowed to test if the names differ.

From June 16th 2017, any person sitting a Driver Theory Test will be required to present a Public Services Card (PSC) at the Test Centre as proof of ID.

For all bookings made from  June 1st 2017 onward, applicants will be asked to confirm that they possess a Public Services Card. During the booking process applicants will be asked to enter the 12 digit number from the rear of the public services card.

Please ensure this matches exactly with the number on the card which you will present on the day of testing.

Identification Policy

All candidates must present their Public Services Card as the only acceptable form identification. Failure to present this card at the test centre, will result in you not being permitted to test and you will lose your fee.

You must ensure you use your full name as displayed on your Public services Card when making your booking.

Please note the Public Services Card number must match the number used when booking your appointment.

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