Prepare for Winter Driving

During this Christmas period, please remember when you are out and about to never ever Drink and Drive.  Visit the Road Safety Authority’s website to read the Crashed Lives campaign which features true life stories on the horrendous effects of drinking and driving, on the fatally injured and their families. You can also view this video of the story featured in the 2017 campaign about the death of young Ciarán Treacy:

During the Winter months, it is important to make sure that both you and your vehicle are prepared for periods of severe weather. Snow, ice and stormy conditions can make even the shortest of journeys difficult to navigate, so it is important that as a driver you are well prepared for driving in extreme weather.

You should get your car serviced before the Winter sets in, to make sure it is ready for extreme weather – which will undoubtedly arrive when least expected! There are many things you can do to make sure that you are well equipped to deal with the Winter roads, for example; making sure that you have emergency equipment stored in your car, or planning your journey carefully before setting out on the roads.

To assist you in preparing for the Winter months, the Office of Emergency Planning have published a revised edition of their Winter Ready Booklet, which aims to assist households in preparing for severe weather, and coping with it when it actually happens. A copy of the booklet can be downloaded here.

Also visit for more Winter Ready tips!